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How It Works

High Volume + Expertise = Your Levelled Playing Field

Understand the Parcel Partners way.

And why we’re different from other carriers.

  • Enjoy up to 50 percent savings. Seriously, nobody else can offer these prices.
  • Parcel Partners leverages pre-negotiated parcel rates that simply can’t be beat. And we pass along those savings to you.

  • Intuitive tools and systems ensure you are always in the know when it comes to the status of your product.

  • As the premier partner of the USPS, we leverage our relationship to advocate on your behalf.
  • We create optimal shipping strategies for packages that are big, small, heavy, light, round, three sided, and yes, even for shipping live animals.
  • We provide access to USPS BSN.

  • We are changing the face of e-commerce through innovative programs. Our “Inverted Dimensional” pricing—where you pay the lesser amount between size and weight—is just an example of what we can do for you.

  • Our logistics experts have created advanced shipping optimization analytics to maximize your savings.

  • Complimentary insurance on all products valued up to $100.

  • Count on custom shipping rates through trusted PC postage providers (, Endicia and Pitney Bowes), which means no disruption to your workflow.

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